Target Pests: Thrips; aphids, spider mites, psyllids. The Crazee Mite (also known as the Whirligig Mite) is the newest product from Applied Bio-Nomics Ltd....

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Aphidoletes aphidimyza

This amazing midge was first characterized by researchers in Germany. It was a contaminant in an Aphidius trial. The trial was a failure because...

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Neoseiulus cucumeris

This is one of the older Biological Controls, but still one of the best. It replaced A. barkeri about 20 years ago as the...

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Dalotia (Atheta)
Dalotia coriaria

Dalotia, formerly known as Atheta and commonly known as the Rove Beetle, has become a very popular generalist predator. Although it is considered a...

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Delphastus catalinae

This small black beetle has been used to control and eradicate almost every whitefly species of commercial importance, from the “Giant” whitefly on Eucalyptus...

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Encarsia Max
Encarsia formosa

This product was created after trials of un-refrigerated Encarsia showed a ten-fold increase in efficacy compared to the stored product. Subsequent trials also showed...

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The larva of the American Hoverfly may eat 1700-2200 aphids in its short (one week) larval stage making it the greatest consumer of aphids...

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Neoseiulus fallacis

Fallacis is an extremely effective spider mite predator. It is the most effective preventer of spider mites available. In long term crops usually one...

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Gaeolaelaps gillespiei

This is a newly described species, but was originally collected and tested about 30 years ago, by Dave Gillespie of Ag Canada. It is...

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Micromus variegatus

This brown lacewing is an exceptional predator. It was first collected when looking for Foxglove Aphid parasitoids in pepper crops. During the pepper survey,...

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Persimilis Max
Phytoseiulus persimilis

Target pest: Two-spotted spider mite. P. persimilis is one of the oldest beneficials in use. It was originally used in the 1930’s. It is...

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Persimilis vermiculite
Phytoseiulus persimilis

Photo by Anna Luczynski Target pest: Two-spotted spider mite P. persimilis is one of the oldest beneficials in use. It was originally used in...

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Stethorus punctillum

Target pest: Spider mites This beetle has proven to be a valuable spider mite predator. It is capable of finding spider mites by smell,...

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Stratiolaelaps scimitus

Target pest: Fungus gnats, Flower thrips This product (previously known as Hypoaspis miles) has been the cornerstone of the industry for over 35 years....

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