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Leaders in Biological Pest Control

World leaders in the introduction and implementation of biological pest controls since 1980.

Our products are used in banana crops in Costa Rica, arborvitae in Oregon, pepper crops in British Columbia, roses in Holland, hops in Washington State, and butterfly conservatories in Niagara, Ontario. Most of our products are equally suited to outdoor gardens and glasshouses. Applied Bio-nomics was the first company to introduce growers to many now-familiar products including; Stratiolaelaps scimitus (previously called Hypoaspis miles), Stethorus punctillum, and Delphastus catalinae.

In 2005, Applied Bio-nomics decided to eliminate all cold storage of our products. Repeated scientific trials showed consistently that any duration of storage below 8 to 9 degrees Celsius impaired both the searching ability of the flying insects and the sex ratios in the mites – factors critical to efficacy in crops.

Buy from Applied Bio-nomics if you want the freshest, most effective beneficials available. Consult with “Applied” if you want the best advice, strategies and information on how to use these fresh beneficials to give you the highest performance at the lowest cost.

“‘Best in first’: a tip of the hat to one of the original, and still, one of the best strategies.  ‘Pest in first’ is a method of introducing the pest to the crop prior to the beneficial insects to create a base population that the later introduced predators will thrive and cycle on, maintaining a population of predators that will react to increases of pest pressure throughout the season.”

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