Stratiolaelaps (Ss)

Target pests:

Stratiolaelaps scimitus

This product (previously known as Hypoaspis miles) has been the cornerstone of the industry for over 35 years. It is an accomplished generalist soil predatory mite, capable of controlling Fungus Gnat larvae, thrips pupae, pathogenic nematodes, Spring Tails, Black Vine Root Weevil, Strawberry Root Weevil, and Cactus Root Weevil to name a few.

Uses for “Ss” don’t stop there. One of the key customers of this product is a major pet importer and distributor in the US. They have been using it for years to control: the “phoretic mites” that affects tarantulas; pest mites in snake cages; and mites that even affect hermit crabs. The hermit crabs actually run under the “Ss” as it is being poured into the holding area, how’s that for an endorsement?

In the past few years we have been using this product to place around support posts and perimeter walls of greenhouses that have had a history of severe spider mite infestation. In the winter, “Ss” will move down into the soil where the 2-Spotted Spider Mite hibernates and feeds on them. We have been able to “rescue” these houses, seeing significantly reduced returns in the spring.

This product was introduced by Dave Gillespie of Agriculture Canada.

Package details:

We sell Stratiolaelaps in multiple packages:
  • 12,500 ½ liter pouch
  • 25,000 1 liter tubes 
  • 25,000 1 litre pouch
  • 125,000 in 5 litre bag
  • 250,000 in 10 litre bag

General Introduction Rate:

  • 250/m2

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