Target pests:

Neoseiulus cucumeris

Package details:

We sell cucumeris in three packages:

  • Slow Release packet: this small packet is designed to hang in the crop. It has a balanced population of A. cucumeris and the food mite Tyrophagus. When protected from sunlight and excessive moisture, the packet will release cucumeris every day for up to 6 weeks, usually yielding about 5,000 cucumeris. This product was originally developed in England for use in the Hybrid Cucumbers because they do not produce pollen. It is important to remove these bags after 6 weeks as there is a chance that the food mite may persist, potentially causing damage to susceptible flowers.
  • 1,000 packet: this product is the same formulation as the tube and was created for hobbyists who could not justify the 1 liter tube.
  • Bulk sizes:
    • 1L
    • 5L
    • 10L

Our cucumeris is re-cultured and packaged immediately prior to shipping, thus ensuring a healthy logarithmic culture with a balanced sex ratio. If this product cannot be used immediately upon receipt, it should be laid upon its’ side and kept in a cool, dark place. Any storage beyond a few days will result in an impaired culture, although mite counts will be acceptable for up to 2 weeks.

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