This brown lacewing is an exceptional predator. It was first collected when looking for Foxglove Aphid parasitoids in pepper crops. During the pepper survey, this species was frequently associated with active Foxglove Aphid colonies.

Unlike most green lacewings, brown lacewings are predatory at all mobile stages of their life-cycle. In fact, it is the adult that does most of the predation, usually at night. Its’ eggs are laid low in the plant, providing excellent low level control, which is rare.

Of special note is this species’ temperature range. They can complete their lifecycle in temperatures as low as 4 degrees C, making it an excellent predator in ornamentals during the winter.

Their range of prey is equally impressive, aggressively consuming any of the sucking insects such as aphids, whitefly, Mealy Bug etc. They appear to find prey by smell.

This product was developed by Dave Gillespie at Agriculture Canada.

We sell Micromus in one package:

  • 100 bottle

General Release Rate:

  • 100/100m2 if pests have established.

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