Target pest: Two-spotted spider mite.

P. persimilis is one of the oldest beneficials in use. It was originally used in the 1930’s. It is still one of the best beneficial insects, capable of complete eradication of prey. The granular product is not as effective as the leaf product “Persimilis Max”, but it is the only option if you are unwilling to use a product that has spider mites provided with it.

Our persimilis is greenhouse reared, allowing selection for greenhouse conditions.

The granular product will feed on spider mite hot spots faster than the leaf product, because the persimilis are starving, but control will be delayed by at least 1 week, as the sex ratio needs to become balanced before the population can grow exponentially.

Persimilis on bean leaves:
This product is shipped on bean leaves with spider mites. It is the fastest method of eradication, as the persimilis are in a balanced sex ratio and the culture is in a logarithmic growth phase. The normal ratio of spider mite to persimilis is about 3 to 1, but custom ratios can be created such as the “Phyto-combi” (20 to 1 ratio), a modified “pest in first” product developed by our Dutch distributor, Benfried.
This product “hits the ground running” with pregnant females, fully mated and fed. It typically achieves control 7 to 10 days before the granular version.

We sell persimilis in six packages:

  • 1000 vial, in a granular carrier.
  • 2000 vial, in a granular carrier.
  • 2000 small vial, in a granular carrier (for hot spot use)
  • 10000 vial, in a granular carrier.
  • 1000 tray, with bean leaves.
  • 3000 tray, with bean leaves.

General Release Rates:

  • 5 Persimilis/m2 (10 ft2) or 20 Persimilis/infested leaf, weekly, as needed. Apply predators to each infested plant.

For more detailed release rates and general information, please see: