Target pest: Spider mites

This beetle has proven to be a valuable spider mite predator. It is capable of finding spider mites by smell, is an excellent flyer, and is not deterred by high temperatures or low humidity.

The first commercial trial was on palm trees in Las Vegas. From a release made at the base of the tree, beetles were observed on the exposed surface of the fronds in just the time it took the technician to climb into a bucket and ascend for observation.

This product is too slow for economical control in conditions of low light and low temperatures. It is best used starting in mid-spring. It is a true mite generalist and has been used successfully in pepper, cucumber, hops, and ornamentals of all types, and is especially effective for late season hanging baskets.

We sell Stethorus in two packages:

  • 50 bottle
  • 100 bottle

General introduction rate:

  • Release a minimum of 100 adults/“hot spot”, or 10 adults/infested plant, weekly, for 3-4 weeks.

For more detailed release rates and general information, please see: