This product was created after trials of un-refrigerated Encarsia showed a ten-fold increase in efficacy compared to the stored product. Subsequent trials also showed that its’ temperature range greatly exceeds the range published for it in literature. This product’s low control point is below 10 degrees C.

The low temperature range ideally suits it for ornamentals and cut flowers grown below 18 degrees C, where it is the only product capable of Whitefly control. The high temperature range, as best as we can tell, is 40 degrees C.

Because we do not cold store this product, it is limited in availability.

We sell Encarsia in three packages:

  • 1000 pupae on 10 perforated cards with hanging tabs.
  • 5000 bulk vials.
  • 50,000 bulk sachets.

General Introduction Rate:

  • .025-10 Encarsia/m² (10 ft²) or 1-5 Encarsia/infested plant every 1-2 weeks for at least 5 releases, or until 80% of whitefly scales are parasitized. Weekly applications are needed for some crops.

For more detailed release rates and general information, please see: